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over 3 years ago

Fun Hack Fact Friday Tech Tips

Hello hackathon MVPs,

We want to share with you some cool tips and information that you might find useful while building your project with typing biometrics authentication.



TIP: Build an accurate user profile

Save three typing patterns for a user profile before making a verification. 
If you have only one typing pattern to compare against, the verification process won’t be accurate enough. Learn more about the types of typing biometrics algorithms and how to get the best accuracy for authentication in this blog post.



TIP: Choose a proper text length

Use the correct text length depending on the algorithm you choose. 
If you ask the user to type the same text every time they authenticate, you’re using the same-text algorithm, and users will have to type around thirty characters for each authentication. 

However, if you don't want to be limited by the text that users type, you could use the any-text algorithm, which means your users will have to type different texts for authentication. For the best results, design your solution such that the user will type around 160 characters. This will allow you to get the best accuracy for their authentication.

Integrating the right typing biometrics capabilities is fundamental to your success. Learn why and how to record good typing patterns.



TIP: Differentiate desktop and mobile 

After recording a typing pattern, use the function .isMobile() on our JavaScript recorder to identify the type of device the typing pattern was recorded on. 
This will return a boolean value if the typing pattern was recorded on a mobile device, helping you distinguish between desktops and mobile authentication flows.

If you have any questions during the hackathon, we are ready to help! Join the hackathon Slack channel or reach us via email, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


We can’t wait to see what you build!
The TypingDNA Team