Did you know that your typing is unique? 

At TypingDNA, we’ve developed technology that is able to authenticate people based on how they type on their keyboards — both on mobile devices and desktop computers. Check out our website demo to see it in action! 

The technology, called typing biometrics authentication, is rapidly becoming one of the top passive authentication factors and can be used for two-factor authentication, password reset, account recovery, and more.

We are now looking for the next generation of innovators by launching this challenge: Show us what you’d build given that you CAN recognize people based on their typing. 

We encourage you to be brave and think out-of-the-box. With no barriers to creativity, your project could even showcase how aliens use TypingDNA authentication to make sure that the alien they are messaging is who they claim to be. 

How will you use typing biometrics authentication to bring real value to users and the world? We can’t wait to find out.


To take part in the hackathon, you must be at least 18 years of age and located in an eligible country (see the Rules tab for full details). There are no restrictions in terms of team size, but you are required to assign a single person to handle submissions and the distribution of prizes inside the team (in case of a team submission).


What to build: You are free to build anything (it must be functional, like a website or an app), as long as your project includes TypingDNA API calls.   


What to submit:
  • Final implementation, shared in a way that allows the judges to try it out. Some examples: 
    • Share URL(s): for websites 
    • Upload installation files or list download links: for apps 
    • Share via TestFlight: for iOS apps that are not on the Apple App Store
  • Access to your Code Repository, for the judges to evaluate the technical implementation. Make it public for the duration of the judging period (1 - 15.11)
  • Presentation Video (max 5 minutes): Imagine you were going to pitch your project in front of the jury. What would you like them to know? Make sure to include a demo as well. 

Here are some questions to give you a better idea of what we’d like to see in your project description/video: 

  • What was your inspiration?
  • What does your solution do?
  • How did you build it?
  • What did you learn?

You have and will maintain full rights over your project and can remove access (e.g., to code, video, live implementation) after the judging period is over (15th Nov).

Hackathon Sponsors


$110,000 in prizes

1st Place

$5000 in cash

2nd Place

$3000 in cash

3rd Place

$1500 in cash

Special Mention - WOW Factor

The project with the highest "WOW Factor" will receive an $100 Amazon voucher.

Special Mention - Social Impact

The project with the highest Social Impact will receive an $100 Amazon voucher.

Special Mention - Business Potential

The project with the highest Business Potential will receive an $100 Amazon voucher.

Special Mention - Popularity DevPost users

The project with most votes from the Devpost users will receive an $100 Amazon voucher.

Special Mention - Popularity TypingDNA

The project with most votes from the TypingDNA organization will receive an $100 Amazon voucher.

Submission Prize - TypingDNA Pro License (100)

All the users who submit an eligible project will receive a TypingDNA Pro License for 3 months (worth $1000 of API calls).

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Michelle Sandford

Michelle Sandford
Developer Community Advocate

Phil Nash

Phil Nash
Developer Evangelist @ Twilio

Alex Lakatos
DevRel @ Fidel

Andrew Stasyuk
Senior Software Engineer @ Google

Raul Popa

Raul Popa
CEO @TypingDNA

Stefan Endres

Stefan Endres
CTO @TypingDNA

Madalina Burci

Madalina Burci
Chief Developer Growth @TypingDNA

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    How creative or innovative is the idea behind the project? Is the outlined solution crafted in a compelling and unique method?
  • UX
    Is the overall user experience intuitive? Does it flow smoothly or is it cumbersome and challenging to use?
  • Impact
    To what extent does the proposed solution solve a real-world problem? Is the project addressing an issue that impacts people’s lives?
  • Technical Implementation
    How technically complex is your project? How well was the idea executed and what is the degree of difficulty?
  • WOW Factor - Special Mention
    This criteria will be used just for the Special Mention Prize.
  • Social Impact - Special Mention
    This criteria will be used just for the Special Mention Prize.
  • Business Potential - Special Mention
    This criteria will be used just for the Special Mention Prize.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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